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Edited works (selected)

Gender, Mobility, and Emotional Infrastructures: Ikwe Safe Rides in Winnipeg
Sheri Lynn Gibbings

Improvised Infrastructure and Redistributive Rights: Informal Public Transport in an Indonesian City
Robbie Peters

Driving as Communities: Chinese Taxi Drivers’ Technology, Job, and Mobility Choices under the Pressure of E-Hailing
Jack Linzhou Xing

What is Shared in Shared Bicycles? Mobility, Space, and Capital
Jun Zhang

Uber Mobilities, Algorithms, and Consumption: Politicizing Ethical Reflection
Juan M. del Nido

Transactional Formats, Mediating Devices, and the Forensics of Recognition: “Waiting Time” Calculation and a Political Imagination of Collective Autorickshaw Circulation
William F. Stafford Jr.

The “Kampung Formula”: Infrastructural Adventurism and Public Art in Semarang, Indonesia
Lukas Ley
Urban Studies

Butterflies, Organized Crime, and “Sad Trees”: A Critique of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve Program in a Context of Rural Violence
Columba Gonzalez Duarte
World Development

“We Made a Contribution to the Revolution”: Shifting Scales of Politics and Unity in Ukraine
Emily S. Channell-Justice
City & Society

Urban Heat: Rising Temperatures as Critique in India’s Air-Conditioned City
Camille Frazier
City & Society

Housing the Contingent Life Course: Domestic Aspiration and Extreme Poverty in Peruvian Shantytowns
Kristin Skrabut
City & Society

Hip Hop Matters: Race, Space, and Islam in Chicago
Su’ad Abdul Khabeer
City & Society

“We Are Visioning It”: Aspirational Planning and the Material Landscapes of Delhi’s Metro
Rashmi Sadana
City & Society

Practicing Urban Transformation: Places of Solidarity and Creative Traditionalism in Transatlantic Comparison
Ulrich Ufer
City & Society

This Land is My Land: Absence and Ruination in the American Dream of (Mobile) Homeownership
Allison Formanack
City & Society

“Mostly with White Girls”: Settlement, Spatiality, and Emergent Interracial Sexualities in a Canadian Prairie City
Susan Frohlick, Paula Migliardi, and Adey Mohamed
City & Society

“We Don’t Belong There”: New Geographies of Homelessness, Addiction, and Social Control in Vancouver’s Inner City
Danya Fast and David Cunningham
City & Society

Getting Lost in Gatlinburg: How Low-Income Residents “Make Do” in an Appalachian Tourist Town
J. Hope Amason
City & Society

Traders versus the State: Negotiating Urban Renewal in Lào Cai City, Vietnam
Kirsten W. Endres
City & Society

The Arts of Gentrification: Creativity, Cultural Policy, and Public Space in Kamagasaki
David Novak
City & Society

Segregated from the City: Women’s Spaces in Islamic Movements in Pakistan
Meryem F. Zaman
City & Society

Bringing Buddha to the City: Metropolitan New Orleans and Vietnamese Buddhist Communities
Allison Truitt
City & Society

Bringing the Kingdom to the City: Mission as Placemaking Practice amongst Kenyan Pentecostals in London
Leslie Fesenmyer
City & Society

Grappling with the Impermanence of Place: A Black Baptist Congregation in South Los Angeles
Monique Azzara
City & Society

Creating a Market Where There Is None: Spatial Practices of Street Vendors in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Alexis Malefakis
City & Society

“This Looks Like Chinatown!”: Contested Geographies and the Transformation of Social Space in Jyatha, Kathmandu
Benjamin Linder
City & Society

Understanding Prosperity in East London: Local Meanings and “Sticky” Measures of the Good Life
Henrietta L. Moore and Saffron Woodcraft
City & Society

Flipping the City: Space and Subjectivity in the São Paulo Periphery
Charles H. Klein
City & Society

Sacred Rhythms and Political Frequencies: Reading Lefebvre in an Urban House of Prayer
Moriel Ram and Meirav Aharon Gutman
City & Society

Urban Settler Colonialism: Policing and Displacing Indigeneity in Taipei, Taiwan
Tomonori Sugimoto
City & Society

“Opportunistic Waiting”: Tea and Young Men’s Gatherings in Pikine, Senegal
Sebastian Prothmann
City & Society

Behind the Scaffolding: Manipulations of Time, Delays, and Power in Tarlabaşı, Istanbul
Alize Arıcan
City & Society

The Dramatic Losses of Brazil: City-Staging, Spectacular Security, and the Problem of Sex Tourism during the 2014 World Cup in Natal
Marie-Eve Carrier-Moisan
City & Society

Architectures of Pain: Racism and Monuments Removal Activism in the “New” New Orleans
Ana Croegaert
City & Society

Artistic Topologies: New Social Formations and Political Change in an Emerging Ammani Art World
Colin McLaughlin-Alcock
City & Society

Manuscript review

International Journal of Communication
Information, Communication, and Society


Edited collections

Gibbings, Sheri Lynn, Bronwyn Frey, and Joshua Barker. 2022. Special Issue: “New Frontiers in the Platform Economy: Place, Sociality, and the Embeddedness of Platform Mobilities.” Mobilities 17, no. 5: 633–44.

Refereed articles (selected)

Frey, Bronwyn. 2022. “Uneven Mobilities: The Everyday Management of App-Based Delivery Work in Germany.” Mobilities 17, no. 5: 695–710.

Delfanti, Alessandro, and Bronwyn Frey. 2022. “Humanly Extended Automation or the Future of Work Seen through Amazon Patents.” Science, Technology, & Human Values 46, no. 3: 655–82.

Frey, Bronwyn. 2022. “Platform Labor and In/formality: Mobilizing Motorcycle Taxi Drivers in Bandung, Indonesia.” Anthropology of Work Review 41, no. 1: 36–49.

Book reviews

Frey, Bronwyn. 2022. “Late-Capitalist Reasoning and the Foreclosure of Disagreement.” Review of Taxis vs. Uber: Courts, Markets, and Technology in Buenos Aires, by Juan M. del Nido. Anthropology Book Forum 8, no. 1.

Other publications

Frey, Bronwyn. 2022. “Rationalizing Platform Mobility in Food Delivery.” MoLab Inventory of Mobilities and Socioeconomic Changes (blog).

Quinn, Hannah, and Bronwyn Frey. 2018. “Gecarcinus ruricola: Or, Our Extended Stay in Cuba.” CASCA Culture (blog), August 16. https://cascacultureblog.